sabato 9 maggio 2009

Unusual Italian words

SOQQUADRO (terrible mess) is the only Italian word with a double Q.

(to decenter), SCERVELLARSI (to puzzle over) and SCIABATTARE (to flip flop along) are the only Italian words beginning with the digraph 'SC' to be pronounced "S-TSH". Usually, 'SC' is pronounced as "SH" in "shoot" when it precedes an "i" or "e". Example:
sciare (shee-AH-reh) [ʃiˈare], "to ski".

(as fast as you can) in some dictionaries is the longest Italian word.

(manufacture it there for me) has its stress on the first syllable, which is followed by five unstressed syllables.

Puzzle: which Italian word has six I's and no other vowels? (hint: prime numbers have this quality). Click on "post a comment" below to post your answer.

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